Thursday, June 5, 2008

And Now For the Rest of the Story.....

Ok, that's an overblown title....but just adding to Matthew's post from a couple days ago, this article appeared in Inside Higher Ed this morning. Not precisely "medieval", but it does talk about the current administration's desire for a "no child left behind" like list of things a student should learn, and since the medieval period is so often overlooked in these kinds of schemes, it is something we should watch and be aware of.

Does the Medieval Academy have a lobbying arm?


Anonymous said...

Does the Medieval Academy have a lobbying arm?

Sort of, but not really. I don't believe there's anyone officially in that capacity, but it does have CARA (the Committee on Centers and Regional Associations). I was at the CARA meeting a couple of years back to give a paper, and wow was that an eye-opener. It's basically a tiny conference (less than 50 people?), and all the directors of the big institutes or their representatives go. They have a few papers on some pedagogical topic (that's why I was there), and there's lots of talk about medieval studies programs, and journals, and all the logistical stuff that you never hear discussed anywhere else. It gave me some fabulous ideas to bolster our program here, and I'd like to go again sometime. So, national lobbying and representation? No. But people who are thinking seriously about these things? Perhaps surprisingly, yes.

Matthew Gabriele said...

Anyone think the presidential election doesn't matter this year?