Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A New Conversation

Yeah, so.....I just noticed it has been a year plus since one of us has posted here.  But that's not what I want to reflect on......

I wanted to start a conversation on whatever platforms we use now re: a problem many of us face.  Many of us medievalists, fresh from the Congress, feel like medieval impostors.  No, not the usual impostor syndrome where we think we have nothing to say in spite of our years of training, but that because we have such big teaching commitments (4/4 or more) and the accompanying grading plus the service requirements, etc etc that many of us are unable to do any research during the school year.  This in fact gives rise to that problem of finishing one's Congress paper en route or even during the conference: we have no time no matter how well we plan to get it researched, written, and done for 3/4 of our year.

So I wanted to open a discussion on strategies and ways to deal with the problem of being full plus time teacher and only part time scholar.  Comments here, or on Facebook, etc welcome.

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Unknown said...

We struggle with this problem constantly. Finding my medieval buddies and sticking together has helped keep me sane. Since my colleagues and I are miles away from a research library, we plan day trips to Emory.