Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Call for Contributors

As the little blurb up above says, this blog is a form of outreach (I think) intended to discuss both manifestations of medievalism in contemporary culture but also, and perhaps more importantly, the continuing relevance of the study of the Middle Ages (broadly defined) to today's world. I hope, eventually, this blog will also serve as a bridge for medievalists to talk about their ideas in other forms of media as well, radio, print, TV, etc.

Moreover, it was always intended as a group blog and not just my own perspective -- something more along the lines of the great In the Middle. To that end, I'd like to issue a call for contributors to this blog.

Essentially, this would mean that the interested party (or parties) would post irregularly to this blog on topics related to its main themes. Ideally, contributor(s) would be fellow professional medievalists, although that would include those in grad school or others who have advanced training but aren't currently academics. If interested, even just on a "trial" basis (yours, not mine -- I'm not trying to "audition" people), please email me at mgabriele AT vt DOT edu. Anonymity will be zealously protected, if so desired.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions, are of course welcomed below too.

UPDATE: As this post moves down, the call for contributors will remain on the right side of the main page. --->

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