Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Welcome: Introduction: New Beginning

I'm pleased to introduce Modern Medieval's 2 new co-bloggers, handily listed for you (in no order I can discern) to the right. -->

Larry Swain (theswain) is currently a graduate student at the University of Illinois, Chicago, finishing his dissertation on Aelfric, and is on the market. He blogs at The Heroic Age and The Ruminate, and is the Acting Editor-in-Chief of the journal The Heroic Age. His "interests here are to comment on various aspects of appropriation of the medieval in the modern, and how we in the field should best approach and react to these appropriations."

Prof. Christopher Roman (Croman) is an Assistant Professor of English and Coordinator of the Writing Center at Kent State University, Tuscarawas, where he teaches composition, creative writing, and medieval literature. His published work has focused on anchorites and mystical literature. He's now working on an article about the Pearl-poet.

Please join me in welcoming them and in hoping for many fruitful discussions for the future!


Jeffrey Cohen said...

Welcome! I look forward to reading more Modern Medieval.

John Walter said...

Yes, welcome!