Sunday, July 19, 2009

Comic Medievalism

Remember those ads from the late '70s for Xerox, the chubby monk who instead of copying out the decorative page takes them to the Xerox copier and of course they come out beautiful etc? Well, blessed be YouTube! For you may view it here. There were others done, but none were as successful as this first one.

That commercial was brought to my mind today when I read today's Rhymes With Orange in comics. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Of what relevance is the medieval period in a now quantum world where everything is now instantaneously inter-connected and one false move could very well lead to world war three.

Unintended consequences or the butterfly effect.

A world of space travel and super technology.

A world groaning under the weight and threat of potential nuclear terror, and weapons of mass destruction held by all and sundry---many of whom have murderously reasonable demands AND INTENTIONS.

A world of rapid mass transport and instantaneous "communications", most of which is either government or corporation produced manipulative propaganda.

A world in which all of humankind, with all of its conflicting tribalistic stories or narratives, is now effectively face-to-face in a very small boat.

Volpeculus said...

The confusion and disintegration you so vividly describe combined with our nostalgia for a golden age seem pretty medieval to me. But then again, I'm biased medievalist, so what would I know? :P