Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How did Crusading change after 9/11?

 Related to my previous post and apropos of the "Hutaree," I'll be giving a talk entitled "How did Crusading change after 9/11?" at Shenandoah University.  I'll be talking about historiography, language, violence, and religion.  Anyone in Northern Virginia (or parts thereabout) is welcome to come.


Anne Gilbert said...

I wish I could come. Unfortunately I'm a Starving Writer who lives in Seattle, Washington. But since I won't be there, feel free to visit my blog, The Writer's Daily Grind at http://www.writersdailygrind.blogspot.com. I comment on anything related to the book(s) I'm writing, the present bunch of which is set in medieval England.
Anne G

David Perry said...

I don't suppose this was podcasted, Matt? I'd love to hear your remarks on this.

Matthew Gabriele said...

David, alas no podcast. Perhaps I'll put up a post on what I did sometime soon (once the semester's over...).