Monday, July 9, 2012

Strasbourg In a Few Words

I returned from my Strasbourg trip (my wife, Judy, also came along with me) over a week ago, and I've had plenty of time to reflect on the trip before posting about it.

My primary reason for going was to attend the First Summer School on Christian Apocryphal Literature, on the "Pseudo-Abdias" collection of apostolic apocrypha known as the Virtutes apostolorum. The Summer School was a great one, and a great opportunity to meet and work with others with similar interests. It was especially a good time of collaboration on a number of issues and questions surrounding the apostolic collection, and apocrypha in general. Two of my dissertation chapters revolve around this subject, and many of my discussions were very helpful for working out some of the work I've been doing. I've come home with many helpful avenues for further work.

I also spent a morning examining a manuscript I had requested access to from the Bibliothéque Nationale et Universitaire, since I had questions about the contents; the time was well worth it, and I hope to work up a note about the subject. The experience of getting a manuscript reader's card, sitting in the reading room, and thumbing through a thirteenth-century tome was all very enjoyable.

Another major highlight of the trip was seeing the Strasbourg Notre-Dame Cathedral, as well as several associated museums throughout the city. Since it lies right in the center of the city, we spent quite a bit of time at and around the cathedral, taking it in and wondering about its obvious centrality to the city's culture in the medieval period. Above is just one picture of its many beautiful architectural details. The cathedral is a monumental representative of the city's rich history, which has many treats for medievalists and early modernists.

In short, we had a wonderful time in Strasbourg--enjoying it as both a vacation and a work trip. I would highly recommend it, and can hardly express my enjoyment at the city--and my hopes to return in the future.


Matthew Gabriele said...

a fantastic, beautiful city. glad you enjoyed your time there.

Bavardess said...

I, too, just returned from a trip (the first, in my case) into the archives. There is something quite magical about actually handling the original documents