Thursday, December 13, 2012

Literature Compass Special Issue on "E-Medieval"

Today I learned (thanks to Elaine Treharne, via Twitter) about the most recent publication of the journal Literature Compass (December 2012): a special issue on "E-Medieval: Teaching, Research, and the Net." Within the issue appear several articles by contributors and friends of our blog, and all of the essays look to offer great reading.

The full contents include:
Larry Swain, "Past, Present, and Future of Digital Medievalism"
Stephanie Trigg, "Blogging, Time and Displacement"
Asa Mittman, "Inverting the Panopticon: Google Earth, Wonder and Earthly Delights"
Matthew Fisher, "Authority, Interoperability, and Digital Medieval Scholarship"
Stephen Kelly, "Vain and Superstitious Habits: On Books and their Future in the University after Books"
Heide Estes, "Blogging and Academic Identity"
Murray McGillivray, "Online Teaching of Old English: Wave of the Future or Wave Goodbye?"
Jonathan Jarrett, "Views, Comments and Statistics: Gauging and Engaging the Audience of Medievalist Blogging"
Stuart D. Lee, "Anglo-Saxon Studies and Digital Technologies: Past, Present, and Future"
Kathryn A. Lowe, "From Quill to T-Pen: Palaeography, Editing and their E-Futures"
Wendy Marie Hoofnagle, "Technology in the University and the Death of Socrates"
Karl Steel, Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, Mary Kate Hurley, and Eileen Joy, "Why We Blog: An Essay in Four Movements"
I have already begun reading, and want to read through the whole issue soon. I also plan to report back with some thoughts in response. Hopefully others will respond, too, to create a fruitful dialogue about this.

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Matthew Gabriele said...

It's an excellenct collection, especially the one by our own Larry Swain.