Friday, June 28, 2013

Upcoming BABEL Panel, Kzoo 2014

Good news everyone! What began as a light-hearted exchange on Twitter about conference session names, but then turned into a more serious discussion, is now a reality. The BABEL Working Group is sponsoring my proposed panel on punctuation. This will be a Roundtable, with up to 7 participants. See below:

Title: #;()@?":--*! 

Session Description:

Imagine you live in a world filled with symbols, inscrutable marks, and confusing scribbles. No, you’re not in a literary thriller – this is our world. Punctuation marks infiltrate and inform our everyday experiences, but they have their own histories as well. They structure, relate, balance, and invoke; they collide, confuse, limit, and terminate. This roundtable takes punctuation and other typographical marks as the starting point for eclectic and inventive readings/meditations on Medieval Studies. We invite short presentations on any modern or archaic characters, on the ubiquitous and the niche, and on the intelligible and the cryptic. As Keith Houston writes on his website, Shady Characters, “These shady characters, these typographic raconteurs hiding in plain sight, [are] too good to miss.”

Inquiries and abstracts can be sent to me at

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Jennifer Lynn Jordan said...

Congratulations on your panel and your wonderful Futurama shout out!