Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reminder: Call for Submissions

Just a reminder that the initial, tentative deadline for submissions to our attempt at a blog forum, is this coming Friday (June 14). I've received 1 already and I'm cooking 1 up right now, so that should start us off.

If you're wondering exactly what I'm looking for, well, I don't have a good answer to that. My suggestion, other than to look at the call for submissions, would be to look at this post by Karl Steel. (And there are plenty of others like that out there.)

If you have something you'd like to share or have any questions, please post a comment or email me. I don't e-bite.


Anonymous said...

I got inspired by a list of Timothy Burke's categorising the purposes of history-writing to do my own take on how early medieval topics can be used.

Matthew Gabriele said...

Thanks, magistra. Duly noted.