Monday, September 7, 2009

CFP: Medieval Romance Society

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The Medieval Romance Society has proposed 2 sessions for Kalamazoo 2010. The sessions are entitled “Once Upon a Time:” Romance Temporalities, which explores the uses of time within medieval romance, and Temporal Touching: Medieval Romance and Popular Culture, which is a roundtable discussion reconsidering medievalism and the uses of the medieval in the modern. Here are the descriptions:

“Once Upon a Time:” Romance Temporalities
Critics have long acknowledged the “once upon a time” trope at work in medieval romance, but we are increasingly uneasy with the innocence and “merely” fantastic or escapist motivations assumed in its deployment. This session invites reconsiderations of what kinds of temporal systems are at work in medieval romance (and why), how romance makes use of revisionary chronologies, how it imagines its pasts and futures.

Temporal Touching Roundtable: Medieval Romance and Popular Culture
Although medieval romance and popular culture are distinct genres, scholars increasingly recognize the productivity of blurring the medieval/modern divide in order to examine the relevance of the medieval to the modern. This roundtable session aims to explore the transmission of medieval romance into modern popular culture and to investigate the benefits of diachronic research to medieval studies.

If interested, please contact Amy Burge before the deadline of Sept. 15, 2009.

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